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Sequoia National Park - A Snowy Photo Shoot In Between Giant Trees

A trip to Sequoia National Park was a bit more challenging than expected. The park rangers greeted me and told me that I would need chains on my tires if I wanted to continue my drive towards the park. At the entrance of the park I was still standing in the green hilly landscape but I could see a glimpse of the snowy mountains in the distance. Luckily they sold tire chains in the local restaurant, so I could continue my journey towards this mythical national park with its giant redwood pine trees.

Giant sequoia trees in the snow and morning light

And yes, a little bit further down the road we definitely needed these chains as the road became really icy. The landscape changed very sudden and the green vibrant forest changed into a winter wonder land. Absolutely stunning to drive on these snowy roads in between the largest trees I have ever seen.

We hiked for several hours in this forest of giants. Sometimes we got lost in a sudden cloud of fog, often we were surprised by a huge pile of snow that rushed down from the tree tops.


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